maandag 16 juni 2014

Language Skills-Up & Not Getting Along Yet

"Hi there! How are you doing?

So, two weeks have passed here in the land of the free... It's been pretty swell!! My Nihongo no benkyou (Japanese language's study) has continued and I'm happy to report that my skill's gone up!! I now know Hiragana completely (one of the Japanese alphabets, used for traditional words) and a li'l bit o' Katakana (the second alphabet, used for foreign words and names). Allow me to demonstrate:

イエス キリスト の きょうかい
 Iesu     Kirisuto   no    kyoukai.
(Jesus   Christ     's      church.)
   (Katakana)        (Hiragana)

Get it? I might become a Nihongo no sensei, heheh.
Anyway, this week we've taught role playing investigators (investigators are people who want to find out more about our religion). So get this: After the first 2 weeks you switch investogators (so you get new ones. My first investigator, Takuma Tsuchia... oh man. He turned out to be my teacher: Lloyd-sensei. It was so weird hearing my investigator, who claimed he didn't understand English at all, speak the most fluent of I have ever heard. And this time he was teaching me! とても へん。。。(Totemo hen... = Very weird...)
And guuueessss what? Our old teacher (who switched with Lloyd-sensei) became our investigator. My head.

So I have had ups and downs this week. The devotionals on tuesdays and sundays (devotional = a conference with inspiring talks from leaders and presidents) were awesome. The Spirit was so strong. And it motivated me to give it my all to grow and become a better senkyoushi (remember what it means?). Especially the "Character of Christ" talk from Elder Bednar. I wrote down tons o' notes and started studying them. His words were really powerful and they really touched me. Also, a lot of new missionaries going to Japan came in last week. They're all Nihon-jin (Japanese people). They're so funny and awesome! They taught me some stuff about Nihon-go. They're really friendly and polite, even though I slaughtered their language countless times before their eyes... ears? Awesome-jin.
I also met some missionaries going to the Netherlands!! WHOOHOO!! I'M NOT A LONE DUTCHMAN ANYMORE! Well, I still am, kinda, but you know what I mean. Don't ruin this for me.
Elder Bonner and Zuster Bradley are their names. Their Dutch is very good and I hope my friends back at home may meet them one day. They're just the best people and missionaries ever!

Now the less happy stuff... My companionship isn't working out. We just can't seem to get on with each other. Sometimes I really felt like giving up. Can you imagine? It's only been two weeks...
I gotta work hard to regain his trust and friendship. I can't do this alone... and neither can he. I want to help him and serve him as a loyal and loving douryou. I hope the wounds can be healed.
But I know that through Christ everything can be done. しんこう わ ひつよ です。(Shinkou wa histuyo desu: Faith is a need.) We can do this!!

I gotta roll. Hope you've had a swell week and I'll see you next time!

Stay awesome,
~ サントス ちょうろう (Santosu-chourou)

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