maandag 25 januari 2016

Leaving to Takatsuki (Osaka North zone)


OSAKA?! Blargh

A lot of stuff happened this week. First, we had a worldwide
missionary broadcast in which members of the Twelve and the Missionary
Executive Council gave training on applying the fundamental principles
from the PMG to become more effective and efficient in our work. It
emphasized a lot on working with the members, introducing the Doctrine
of Christ and even the PMG to members so that they can develop
stronger testimonies about missionary work and desires to help the
missionaries and work together to hasten the work. As I was watching
the broadcast, nothing was really "new" to me, but it was super
refreshing and really helped me to remember the basics; it's really
important to keep up small and simple things. In the end it's through
small and simple things that great things are brought to pass (Alma
37:6), right? As soon as you don't, you'll just be going through the
motions and whatever you do will have less... worth and meaning. Don't
drop the small and simple things! I learned a lot from the broadcast
and was inspired to change and do better �\ BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!!
One of the Seventy, Elder Choi (from Korea), did a mission tour and
visited us and called us all to repentance. And very handsomely so (he
kept turning to his wife, Sister Choi, asking her if he's handsome.
He's hilarious!). We were reminded of our potential (we're God's kids
for crying out loud!) and boldly invited to step up our game and work
more with the members and rely on the PMG. A whole lot of fun!

Went to Nara today, by the way. I really like Nara. It has waaaay more
green than Abeno does. Plus, they have deer! They're smelly. We also
went to visit the Todaiji temple, with world's biggest Buddha statue!
It was quite big a little kid would fit in one of the nostrils (fun
fact). Got myself a cheap flute to annoy my companion with, too! 'T
was a good day!

Oh yeah! Transfer announcements came. I'm going to train a brand new
missionary over in Takatsuki (Osaka North zone). EXCITEMENT!


maandag 18 januari 2016

I Am Who I Am

Hey everybody!

Last week was really cold. It was pretty intense. And guess what? It wasn't even freezing yet! Humid winters are the worst. No matter how many layers you have on, you'll always be cold to the very core! And don't get me started on my poor toes! GOODNESS!!

Anywho, it was a really good week. We did some companion exchanges with a few of our District Leaders. The Missionary Executive Committee over in Utah has set up a new exchanging system to make it so that we can, essentially, have more effective and productive exchanges with our Elders. I like it. We saw miracles last week, we taught a lot of people and we were able to focus our efforts more on our area too. Awesomesauce!™®

We are getting more support from our ward, too! It's been going really slow before and we wouldn't get a whole lot of help from the ward, but we've been able to communicate with them better and find out what needs to happen in order to strengthen Abeno and make it grow. We can't do this alone! We need each other — members and missionaries. One can't work without the other. Creating a strong bond of trust and friendship between the two is essential. And we're steadily figuring out how!

One of the things I learned last week is that we should not be ashamed of the Gospel. When we're sharing what we believe with people around us, we get laughed at, made fun of or are not taken seriously. When we practice what we believe in our daily lives, we get funny looks and piercing gazes. People think we're stupid, weird or superstitious. But what does what they think matter? The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a part of me. It is my life. If people cannot accept that part of me, they cannot accept me. It's their choice. And if they persecute me for who I am, it's their choice. I am who I am and I will not change myself for them, because the Lord is more important than them. We need not be afraid of shining the Light of Christ in us. We don't put a lit candle under a bushel, but on a place where everyone can see it. And not even the houses set on hills should remain in the dark. I fervently invite all who read this to not hide the Gospel away. Don't store it away in your closet, or put it on a shelf until Sunday comes. Have it with you every day. Have it be you. I can promise you that you will stand taller and that no amount of hate, badmouthing, lying or gossip will bring you down.

Helaman 5:12

I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week!



Some Pictures - 11 January

Hey everyone! I'm super tired, so I'll just send you last week's pictures instead! Have a nice week! Love you!


zondag 10 januari 2016


Hello, everybody!

Last week was pretty low-key, consisting of sickness. Been stuck in
the apartment for a couple of days (as strongly advised by my leaders,
as I had contracted something super contagious, apparently) and had
nothing to do but to sleep, eat and read the New Testament (I even
dreamt of scriptural passages... kind of).  Felt really weak (both
physically and spiritually — as I had time to meditate and
self-reflect on my efforts so far this transfer), but realized that by
accepting our weaknesses and trying to involve the Lord in our
endeavors to improve is the way to go. You've heard that before. And
so have I. I learn through reminders; I already "know" the stuff I
learn, but through reminders I learn to "understand" them.

So anyway, I was getting sick (lots of irony) of being confined in our
darkened, incense-filled apartment ('cause my companion and I love the
smell of Japanese funeral in the morning) and I had personally decided
that it was time for me to break out of jail and to finally start
applying what I'd learned during my personal pondering and actually
WORK. And it was good! We absolutely did not reach standards or goals,
but I'm glad I got to actually do something and prove myself I am not
too shabby of a missionary at all. That, and the delicious,
heart-and-soul-fattening food some amazing members brought us made us
satisfied little missionaries. My futon could not have been any
softer, hehe.

Also! Today we're going up a reaaaally tall building here in Abeno.
It's pretty darn tall. You might think that that's its only merit, but
I have also heard that the restrooms up on top are to kill for. I'm

I hope you all have a great week! Don't get sick! Also, don't kill
anyone for any restrooms. Love you all a whole lot!


Positive about 2016

Hello everyone!

Just dropping by to let you know that we're almost out of 2015. Isn't that crazy? Time is probably made of a thinner substance here in Japan, as it just seems to slip through my fingers without me even noticing.

So! What will you do? I mean, 2016 is coming. A new year means a new opportunity, right? What is something you want to commit yourself to do in the coming year?

I know what I'm going to do. I want to be bolder in my decision to do what is right. Oftentimes I find myself being influenced by what happens around me, to the point that I can't really accomplish what I have in mind. I've decided to stop being acted upon and from now on being the one who acts.

But that's easier said than done, right? The busiest day in the gym is January 1st, but unfortunately, there will be a significantly smaller group of sweaty people by the end of February. So what will I do to make sure I can move on?

First! I'll let my Father in Heaven know what I'm doing! Well, He perfectly knows what our desires and goals are even before we tell him, but we need to keep Him involved in everything we do! As we do so, we will be able to become more righteous in our desires and goals and we will have an incredible force propelling our actions as we move along!

Second! I'll let my closest friends and family know: those with whom I associate most often, those who play a more significant role in my life. Right now, I have a companion with me, who's striving to do what is right and to support my in my righteous decisions and actions. If I let him know what I'm trying to do, he will be my back-up strength and will-power for me to accomplish my goals!

Third! Just keep trucking along and don't let anything get in the way! Endure to the end!

I'm really positive about 2016 and I'm looking forward to becoming an even stronger disciple, friend and representative of our Lord Jesus Christ! It's gonna take work, but it can't fail with my God backing me up!

I hope you all have a wonderful 2016 full of joy, satisfaction and personal progress! See you next year! Love you all a ton!!