maandag 25 januari 2016

Leaving to Takatsuki (Osaka North zone)


OSAKA?! Blargh

A lot of stuff happened this week. First, we had a worldwide
missionary broadcast in which members of the Twelve and the Missionary
Executive Council gave training on applying the fundamental principles
from the PMG to become more effective and efficient in our work. It
emphasized a lot on working with the members, introducing the Doctrine
of Christ and even the PMG to members so that they can develop
stronger testimonies about missionary work and desires to help the
missionaries and work together to hasten the work. As I was watching
the broadcast, nothing was really "new" to me, but it was super
refreshing and really helped me to remember the basics; it's really
important to keep up small and simple things. In the end it's through
small and simple things that great things are brought to pass (Alma
37:6), right? As soon as you don't, you'll just be going through the
motions and whatever you do will have less... worth and meaning. Don't
drop the small and simple things! I learned a lot from the broadcast
and was inspired to change and do better �\ BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!!
One of the Seventy, Elder Choi (from Korea), did a mission tour and
visited us and called us all to repentance. And very handsomely so (he
kept turning to his wife, Sister Choi, asking her if he's handsome.
He's hilarious!). We were reminded of our potential (we're God's kids
for crying out loud!) and boldly invited to step up our game and work
more with the members and rely on the PMG. A whole lot of fun!

Went to Nara today, by the way. I really like Nara. It has waaaay more
green than Abeno does. Plus, they have deer! They're smelly. We also
went to visit the Todaiji temple, with world's biggest Buddha statue!
It was quite big a little kid would fit in one of the nostrils (fun
fact). Got myself a cheap flute to annoy my companion with, too! 'T
was a good day!

Oh yeah! Transfer announcements came. I'm going to train a brand new
missionary over in Takatsuki (Osaka North zone). EXCITEMENT!


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