maandag 18 januari 2016

I Am Who I Am

Hey everybody!

Last week was really cold. It was pretty intense. And guess what? It wasn't even freezing yet! Humid winters are the worst. No matter how many layers you have on, you'll always be cold to the very core! And don't get me started on my poor toes! GOODNESS!!

Anywho, it was a really good week. We did some companion exchanges with a few of our District Leaders. The Missionary Executive Committee over in Utah has set up a new exchanging system to make it so that we can, essentially, have more effective and productive exchanges with our Elders. I like it. We saw miracles last week, we taught a lot of people and we were able to focus our efforts more on our area too. Awesomesauce!™®

We are getting more support from our ward, too! It's been going really slow before and we wouldn't get a whole lot of help from the ward, but we've been able to communicate with them better and find out what needs to happen in order to strengthen Abeno and make it grow. We can't do this alone! We need each other — members and missionaries. One can't work without the other. Creating a strong bond of trust and friendship between the two is essential. And we're steadily figuring out how!

One of the things I learned last week is that we should not be ashamed of the Gospel. When we're sharing what we believe with people around us, we get laughed at, made fun of or are not taken seriously. When we practice what we believe in our daily lives, we get funny looks and piercing gazes. People think we're stupid, weird or superstitious. But what does what they think matter? The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a part of me. It is my life. If people cannot accept that part of me, they cannot accept me. It's their choice. And if they persecute me for who I am, it's their choice. I am who I am and I will not change myself for them, because the Lord is more important than them. We need not be afraid of shining the Light of Christ in us. We don't put a lit candle under a bushel, but on a place where everyone can see it. And not even the houses set on hills should remain in the dark. I fervently invite all who read this to not hide the Gospel away. Don't store it away in your closet, or put it on a shelf until Sunday comes. Have it with you every day. Have it be you. I can promise you that you will stand taller and that no amount of hate, badmouthing, lying or gossip will bring you down.

Helaman 5:12

I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week!



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