zondag 10 januari 2016


Hello, everybody!

Last week was pretty low-key, consisting of sickness. Been stuck in
the apartment for a couple of days (as strongly advised by my leaders,
as I had contracted something super contagious, apparently) and had
nothing to do but to sleep, eat and read the New Testament (I even
dreamt of scriptural passages... kind of).  Felt really weak (both
physically and spiritually — as I had time to meditate and
self-reflect on my efforts so far this transfer), but realized that by
accepting our weaknesses and trying to involve the Lord in our
endeavors to improve is the way to go. You've heard that before. And
so have I. I learn through reminders; I already "know" the stuff I
learn, but through reminders I learn to "understand" them.

So anyway, I was getting sick (lots of irony) of being confined in our
darkened, incense-filled apartment ('cause my companion and I love the
smell of Japanese funeral in the morning) and I had personally decided
that it was time for me to break out of jail and to finally start
applying what I'd learned during my personal pondering and actually
WORK. And it was good! We absolutely did not reach standards or goals,
but I'm glad I got to actually do something and prove myself I am not
too shabby of a missionary at all. That, and the delicious,
heart-and-soul-fattening food some amazing members brought us made us
satisfied little missionaries. My futon could not have been any
softer, hehe.

Also! Today we're going up a reaaaally tall building here in Abeno.
It's pretty darn tall. You might think that that's its only merit, but
I have also heard that the restrooms up on top are to kill for. I'm

I hope you all have a great week! Don't get sick! Also, don't kill
anyone for any restrooms. Love you all a whole lot!


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