donderdag 19 juni 2014

" Wise like a Snake, Harmless as a Dove "



Hey there, beautiful people!!

This week has been kinda tough. First off: our "dai-senpaitachi" left on Monday and Tuesday ("great seniors", meaning the missionaries who have been here longer than us and have been our "seniors"). They are a rowdy bunch and just the best people you could ever imagine. We've said our heartfelt goodbyes. They are now in the Mission Field in Japan. Having them leave caused great peace to reside in our dorms. It's kinda lonely. We're only 2 districts right now. There will be new "kohaitachi" ("juniors") entering in 3 weeks. I'll be a "senpai" in 3 weeks. Isn't that something? Hahaha!

Then there's my companionship's issue... It's been pretty awful. We have been called multiple times to speak with members of the Priesthood in order to solve our problems. And I'm glad to report that it has taken a turn for the better! I'm so grateful for all the support my friends, family and the senkyoushitachi and Priesthood gave me. I have learned a lot this week. I hope I can use that knowledge to improve myself and help those around me.

The devotionals were great this week and have helped me a lot. Last Tuesday, Elder Ballard (of the Twelve Apostles) has spoken encouraging words about our missions. He said that it will be tough and there will be many distractions. But if you focus on Christ's doctrine and the simple message we're spreading, we will be blessed with the Spirit's company and guidance: "Be wise like a snake and harmless as a dove". We must make an effort to avoid potentially dangerous situations by staying alert and avoiding, like a snake. But we must also be meek and harmless to those around us, like a dove. Awesome quote. Daisuki.

Oh, by the by, now that Pesce-chourou, the crazy Pokemon Sticker Dealer, is in the field, I have been granted permission to take on the ways of the Pokemon Sticker Dealer. I have the power now!! GOTTA DEAL 'EM ALL!
But the work of the Lord is important and will always remain my main focus.
I'm grateful that I could endure the trials this week and experience the blessings of faith in Jesus Christ.
I hope that all of you may be well. Have an awesome week, tomodachitachi!

I love you all,
~サントス ちょうろう

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