maandag 25 augustus 2014

Probably Made In Japan

Hey peeps! Hope you've been doing awesome!

This week's gone by terrifyingly fast, somehow. My companion claims that it's gonna be even faster from here on out. Am I going to time travel?! はやい!

SO! Since I have the privilege of being the District Leader's companion (Carlile chourou is the Kurashiki district's District Leader). It means I get to go on more こうかん!! I got switched twice this week. Both 日本人. The struggle is real. We even did a lesson in Japanese sign language! It was CRAZY!! Sakamoto chourou (a Zone Leader whom I had a こうかん with) is a boss.

We also had a baptism this week! And by "we", I mean the other Kurashiki elders (there are 2 どうりょうぐみ here in Kurashiki). He was baptized yesterday. It was a happy day! The sad thing is: he left today. He is going to Sendai (further up north in Japan). I hope the church gives him a warm welcome, over there.

I've learned a lot, this week. Taking notes is important. Some of you have a journal, right? It's good to have a spiritual journal as well, to record any thought and impressions that come to mind during the week. I hadn't really done this as thoroughly as this week. Studying my notes really helped me to focus on my goals and gave me a good list of stuff to do in order to improve! I invite you all to keep improving actively. God will be able to strengthen you better!

Running out of time. Have to roll. Take care, everybody!

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