dinsdag 9 september 2014

Bold & Fearless


This week has been a BLAST! We've had an EXPLOSION of experiences! Being a missionary truly is the BOMB!

Let's quit the lame jokes and begin, shall we?

FIRST! We've had another こうかん! I went to 福山 to work with James長老. He's a funny guy, that James長老. While working we were just always joking and being a jolly pair of missionaries. It's been fun! I also learned a thing or two about being BOLD. COURAGEOUS. HEROIC!! 

As missionaries, we are called of God to serve as Jesus Christ's representatives. We have the authority to act in His name. Isn't that amazing? We're entrusted with such an important task! God trusts that we can do this! He's on our side! Can you imagine?! It's kind of like playing dodge ball at high school and having that one kid who's substantially better than everyone else, on your team!! We can do this!!

THEN! We had a Zone Training Meeting! The major topics were being bold and fearless (deja vu?) and involving the church members more in our work as missionaries. It's been very educational. The "being bold" thing is something I still have to work on. But it's getting there! Thanks to the ZTM, too! Oh -- and the mission president decided to drop by and attend the meeting with us. What a pleasant surprise!!

ALSO! My first てんきん is over!! Transfer announcements came in today. We got to know where we'll serve next! Santos長老 will be serving in...


Kurashiki. I'm staying! And so is my trainer, Carlile長老! Yay!

This week has truly been a blessing for me. We've seen a lot of success in our work and our prayers have been answered. It felt like all those weeks of hard work have paid off last week. As long as we're diligent in our work, we will see success. Our Heavenly Father will bless us. That's a promise!

I love you all. I hope you've had a great week!

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