maandag 22 september 2014

To Joe

Hey there, lovely people!

I hope you like hearing about こうかん... 'cuz there've been two more last week! This time, they were 外人, just like me!

FIRST! I had a こうかん with Sproat長老. From Hawaii, he is. Very げんき, he is. Like Yoda, I speak. All jokes aside though, he is such a powerful teacher! Here's a cool story: we were just doing some street contacting in the evening, near the 福山(Fukuyama) えき. We came across an awesome kid, Ohio Guy (obviously not his real name), who was just heading to the library to study for his math exam. Completely ignoring his homework, we asked if we could join him and talk a little more about God. And so we did! And it was amazing! Even though we just met him, we all felt a strong connection to each other. The way Sproat長老 taught him about the Restoration just sent chills down my spine -- chills of awesomeness! Not only did Ohio Guy feel the Spirit, but so did I. It was amazing.

THEN! I had a こうかん with Durin長老, from California. That one was really tough, because this time, the こうかん happened here, in Kurashiki. That basically meant that I was in charge of being "the leader" that day. I screwed up a lot. But in the end, it was super awesome. He's a super swell guy. His Japanese is amazing, too!

FINALLY! We had a TTT meeting (Trainer Trainee Training). I got to see my MTC district! I don't think I have ever experienced such sudden glee! I was jumping up and down so much -- they must have thought that the mission had made me crazy, hahah! It was a very educational meeting and I'm super grateful for the opportunity I've had to meet my friends again!

Ran out of time, gotta go. Love all of you. Yes. Even you, Joe. Even you. 

(I don't actually know who you are, Joe. Sorry.)

Have a great week!

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