maandag 22 september 2014

Teaching & Biking

Hey there! How have you been?

This week has been super tiring!! Even though it's been an average missionary week, we had a ton of stuff to do!

IT GOT PHYSICAL! We went up and down, climbing countless mountains on our fragile little bikes. I wouldn't be surprised if I'd have bodybuilder-legs after my mission. It was exhausting.

IT GOT SPIRITUAL! We taught a ton of lessons. Remember how we found those interested families last week? We taught 'em all this week. Whooh.

I FOUND ANOTHER MONSTROSITY! It's a cute little lobster thing in one of the channels on the side of the road. I wonder if it tastes good.

WE SWITCHED ELDERS! Because it's a new transfer, Hayashi長老 (the one being carried by us) went to Himeji and we got Beck長老 in his place! He's big, he's blond, he's macho, he is awesome. He's from Utah, by the way.

I ran out of time! Sorry for the short update! Have a great week!


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