maandag 18 mei 2015

Family Skype

Hola, every-Juan!

Oh no! I forgot to do last week's e-mail update thingamajig!


... I skyped my dear family-peoples over in Deutschland. Everyone is super-genki I cried my eyeballs out like the man I am. Next, we had a pretty good BBQ activity organized by our ward, where we ate, drank and were merry! A few non-members came as fell and it seemed like they were having a really good time and were getting along really well with the members. We also had an amazing Zone Training Meeting about health, obedience and accountability. The homework we got to prepare for that meeting was to read the Missionary Handbook and to find out why we can or cannot do stuff. I really thought studying the Handbook was a cool idea; it really made me understand the rules and be more self-reliant in my judgment when it comes to missionary standards and conduct. Brilliant! Finally we had a good young men activity where we had a "yakisoba" (Japanese fried noodles) cook-off between two teams. We did rock-paper-scissors to pick a set amount of ingredients each of the teams could use, went to the supermarket and got the ingredients and started cooking. It was a lot of fun and we were able to become good buddies with the young men! Throughout the week we, the four elders in Ootsu, have been hard at work to organize a list of less active church members so that we can actually find them and help them out -- we'll be focusing on that this transfer.

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