maandag 18 mei 2015

Good activities & Anti-Climatic Transfer


...'t was a good one! We had a few really good activities throughout the week. We had a very good District Meeting, reviewing the Zone Training Meeting mentioned above and resolving a few questions concerning our iPads. I don't remember what inspired me during the meeting right now, but I have all my thoughts and ideas written down on good ol' paper! The very next day we had a Pizza Party. Everyone (members and non-members alike) was hyped up about the rumors of me making the best pizza in the universe. Because we announced the party way early (a month in advance), a lot of people were able to come (30 people came of which 6 were non-members). A lot of pizza, fellow-shipping, laughter, high-fives all around... We shared a message about the importance of resting from all your work and coming to church. A few non-members said they would come... if they weren't busy with meetings and work (dang it!). The next day we had a special musical number during Sacrament Meeting (an arrangement of hymn #99: "Nearer dear Savior to thee") done by us, the missionaries. I took care of the piano and the other missionaries sang like angels and stuff. I was super nervous. But it went super well and we even made a few members cry. I'm happy we were able to invite the Spirit and make that Sacrament Meeting an even more spiritual experience for everybody.

Also, transfer calls came in. I'm staying in Ootsu, HOORAY! Everyone in our appartment is staying, actually. It was a tiny bit anti-climactic, but I'm not complaining!

Thank you so much for reading, dearest people! You truly are a bunch of super-troopers! Have a super-week!

Lots o' super-love,
~聖徒長老, Elder Santos 

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