zondag 11 oktober 2015

A Solid Vision

Hello, everybody!

Another tiring week has passed. Really fun, too! We've met a large part of the people in our zone already (including my previous companion, Griffitts長老, which was super awesome) and we'll see all of their faces pretty soon too! I'm really looking forward to what's coming up -- it kind of feels like Christmas! Just like every kid jumps up and down before Santa drops by to deliver the presents, so am I (furiously) jumping up and down in anticipation of two Mission Leader Councils this transfer, an upcoming Zone Conference and October's General Conference (yes, we get it a week later). I might just start caroling!

Last week was good. We worked really hard! But I feel like we can do even better! I learned last week that in order for us to achieve something we really desire, we need to have a solid "vision". It's kind of like a grand goal or cause to work towards, kind of like drawing a finish line for your race course. As easy as it may sound, creating a good, effective vision is actually really hard. Sometimes we create visions that in the end don't even seem to apply to us, or have visions and goals that are too easily accomplished leaving us with little room for improvement and growth. My companion, Sano長老, is a missionary with a solid vision. When we go out to work, I can see determination in his eyes in every thing we do that day, as if he's vigorously chasing something. When we were talking about our visions for our zone here in Osaka, he taught me an important lesson: in order to establish a good vision, you need to have imagination. He said that he actually sees himself becoming what he wants to be in his mind. Because he has such a clear picture in his head, he's better able to set goals -- steppingstones, if you will -- that lead up to him achieving what he wants. Not only that, but it gives him drive and motivation to go at it and work. When you think about it, it completely makes sense: a "vision" is something you see in front of you, something you are looking at or something that is visible to you. If we don't use our imagination, how will we see? How will the path before us be visible? It's something so simple and yet, something I forgot as I was struggling to set goals that would be achievable and yet stretch me at the same time. Something to try out, for sure!

What do you want to picture yourself being in the future? What kind of person will you be and what kind of things will you do?

I'm really grateful for all the wonderful learning experiences I've had so far on my mission and I'm also really grateful for God's help and guidance for me. In the end, the only reason why I'm still alive is because God has given me the strength to overcome my trials and challenges and through that, I'm becoming a stronger person every day. Heavenly Father really loves me (and He loves you, too)!

I'll see you all next week! Love the poo out of you,


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