maandag 28 september 2015

Consuming of my Flesh

Herro, everybody!

Last week was transfer week, which means that everything is all over the place. Missionaries came and went and we're now set to start this transfer! It's kind of sad to see how all the older missionaries I've always looked up to are gone now. It's kind of sad... but I'm really excited to meet all these fresh missionaries and introduce them to missionary work in Japan! About half of the missionaries in the Osaka zone have just barely come to Japan! EXCITEMENT!

Here is a cool scripture I bumped into:

2 Nephi 4:21
He hath filled me with his love, even unto the consuming of my flesh.

In Japanese the "consuming of my flesh" part has an even clearer connotation of how fire consumes something. But just think about it: to be filled with His love to the point where your body is consumed as though by fire? Whoa.

As I was reading this verse though, I noticed how you can put this in a different perspective as well. In the scriptures the word "flesh" often refers to the natural man, the worldly us; a part of our mortal or fallen nature, as described in the Bible Dictionary (see "Flesh").

So Christ's love consumes our flesh... our mortal and fallen nature. It's through His infinite Atonement for us that we are able to put off the natural man and become like saints, that we can take our imperfection and weaknesses and turn them into perfection and strengths. Christ's pure love casts out any form of darkness that may be in us and turns us into shining beacons of light. Through His love, we can become like Him.

How can we be filled with His love? How can we help other be filled with this love as well?

I love the scriptures. I learn so much from them. They have helped me understand the countless ways in which God shows His love for us. God loves each and every one us infinitely and so does His Son, who showed us the way and gave up His life just so we can be happy forever. We're so stinkin' LUCKY! Dang, the Gospel is the BOMB!

I hope you all have a wonderful week filled with awesomeness and fun stuff like that. I love you all a lot! See ya next week!


P.S.: Ate a big fat 500g steak. Didn't get the meat-sweats! 

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