vrijdag 11 juli 2014

New Companion & 4th of July

"What's up, tomodachitachi?

2.5 weeks remain. I'm starting to feel nervous. It's as if I just made a blog post yesterday. It's kinda scary how fast time flies by here. But I'm also really happy, because soon I'll be in Nihon! In KOBE!!

So yeah, last week was super eventful as well. First off, 4th of July. It was RIGHTEOUS! We watched an amazing movie about the pioneers of our church and what they've all been through. It's called "17 Miracles". Almost cried. Almost. Also, we had tons of music, an awesome speech about FREEDOM and of course... FIREWORKS. And also free ice cream. Yay!

Second... We changed companionships. Anyanwu chourou and I have had too much of a hard time working out our problems, so our branch president decided to switch it up. I'm now companions with Monson chourou. He's just super swell. I'm kinda glad that we've changed, but at the same time I'm a little sad. It's great to finally be able to work as a team, but... I just wish Anyanwu chourou and I could've worked it out. Eh. It was for the better.

Last sunday was awesome. It was fast sunday. We had mission conference, testimonies, a devotional AND an awesome movie afterwards! Mission conference focused on the PMG and teaching investigators. There were a lot of speakers, each with an interesting topic to share. I learned a lot from those talks. I wrote down a bunch so I could remember. The devotional was awesome as well. Josh Wright, an awesome pianist, played some amazing music! And with every piece, he'd share experiences from his time as a missionary. Very useful hints about endurance and persistence as a missionary. And the movie afterwards was super awesome. It was another recorded speech by David A. Bednar: "Doctrine is always the answer". His talks are AMAZING. My mind was blown by what he had to share with us, just like last time a few weeks ago. SO. GOOD.

The tuesdaynight devotional was pretty good as well. It answered some questions I had about what our current investigator needs so he can spiritually grow and come closer to Christ. It was about the Third Member of the Godhead: the Holy Spirit. There was a great emphasis on being still and quiet, in order to be able to hear the Spirit whisper. A change of heart is also important: since we aren't perfect and always make mistakes, we have to repent and strive to become better. I need to do that as well.

Monson chourou was really sick this week. He just couldn't go to class, and thus he had to stay in the residence to rest up. Being his companion, I had to go with him, so I missed a few classes. It's okay though. I studied a lot on my own. And because he just didn't seem to get better, we had to go to the doctor. Last time he went to the doctor, they thought he had a bacterial infection. Turns out he had a virus, though. So we got a prescription to get some medicine. Guess where we had to pick it up, though. It was OUTSIDE THE MTC! WE GOT TO LEAVE THE MTC, WHAAAA? It felt kinda like a foreign world. I took pictures because I'm weird.
I also got a haircut. You like it? I like it. I feel lighter, somehow. Also, is the weather cooler, or is it just me?

We also got new juniors! Just wait until next week -- I'll bring some pictures!

I hope all of you have been doing well and I wish you a Merry Day and a Happy New Week!
Love you all,

~サントス 長老 (Santosu chourou)

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