vrijdag 4 juli 2014

Patriarchal Blessing

"Konnichiwa! Minasan wa genki?

Another week has passed here in the MTC and my counter currently stands at 5.5-ish weeks (3.5 remain). It's so weird. It seems as if time is flying by faster and faster each week! Hayai! I'll be in Nihon before you know it. Let's taco-bout this week, shall we?
I've finally received my patriarchal blessing this week! It was done by a Utah-branch patriarch. It was amazing. It seemed as if he knew so much about me, even though we've never met before!!
But when you think about it, a patriarchal blessing is actually Jesus Christ speaking directly to you... through a patriarch, that is. Haha.
But seriously though: I'm so grateful to be able to have the privilege of receiving such a special gift from my Heavenly Father. Direct counsel and motivation from the Lord. What more could you ask for. I'm gonna read the printed version thoroughly.
We did some more hosting this week. I got three amazing missionaries going to Australia (Korean speaking), Singapore (Malay speaking) and California (English speaking). I hope that these new missionaries, along with the rest of the newbies, will have an awesome time here at the MTC. I hope they will find happiness in their choice to serve the Lord for 2 whole years. They're gonna love it. I know I do.
Tomorrow is 4th of July! We're gonna have a special celebratory meeting tomorrow. There've also been rumors that we will be able to watch fireworks!! Keep your fingers crossed for me, will ya?
I have been drawing tons of stuff! I drew one of the chouroutachi <> in our district as a retired samurai and I also drew my teachers. They seem impressed. They want more. I will never stop drawing. Daisuki!!

This week's devotionals have been pretty good as well! Especially the Tuesday one, by Elder Snow (A former Seventy). It was such a powerful speech and I learned so much! It was about becoming disciples of Christ. I liked when he talked about how it's important that when people see you as a missionary, they must see you as Jesus Christ. For two years, you will bear His name and leave behind your own. You put your personal affairs on your shelf and take upon yourself the responsibility of being Christ's representative, so that people may see Him in His servants. Totemo yokatta!! I wrote down a lot of notes.
It has been a pretty normal week, aside from this. Our douryougumi is getting better and better and it really pleases me how our teamwork seems to be improving. Dekimasuyo!!
(I also crowned a good amount of newer chouroutachi with Pokemon stickers. They were really happy. Tanoshii!)
I hope you've all had a super swell week. I love you all. See you next time!
~Santos chourou

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