maandag 27 oktober 2014

New companion, 1st Baptism & Halloween


This week has been hectically awesome.

First there was transfer day. The day had finally come for me to say goodbye to my trainer Carlile長老, who has taught me a lot these past two transfers. It had been a blast. After that, Yamaguchi長老 came in. He is an amazing missionary. I'm really glad I got the chance to have a 日本人 companion. All of that Japanese is making my brain work in Japanese more and more. Which is weird. But really cool!

Then there was this amazing ward activity: we had a Halloween Party. Preparing for the party took a lot of time and was also a little tough, but it was a heck of a lot of fun! We even got our investigators to come and it seemed they were having a good time! I love Halloween.

Also: one of our しがんしゃs was baptized yesterday (Sunday). I got to perform the baptism itself and thus I was a tiny bit nervous beforehand. By a tiny bit nervous I, of course, mean LOADS OF NERVOUS...ness. But it went really well and I'm excited to announce that the Kurashiki ward now has one more member. He's Chinese, by the way, and he's an amazing person: very kind and patient. How wonderful!

Another thing that made me stress out a lot this week was the fact that I have now become the "area senpai".Because my trainer and another missionary, Koyama長老, have transferred to different areas, I have "the most experience and knowledge about this area", so I have to take the lead in introducing Kurashiki to my new companion. Truth is, I don't really know a lot about this area or the people who live in it, heheh. It was tough. But we'll get there. Just a rough start.

Speaking of which, this is our 四人 in Kurashiki right now:
Beck長老 (Big American)
Yamaguchi長老 <> (Japanese master-chef)
Hansen長老 <> (He likes cats -- also, he's from my MTC district. REUNION!)
Yours truly (Mister Sandy Toes)

This week has consisted mostly of me curled up in the corner of my room, sucking my thumb and rocking back and forth anxiously. Quite stressful. But in the end, this week... 't was a good one!

Thank you so much for reading this, whoever you are. You are beautiful. I'm serious.

'Till we meet again.


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  1. I just started reading your blog today, and i got to say i am really happy you enjoy what you are doing! And it's nice to see how you seem to grow each weak in your faith :D. To bad i won't be able to pick up Japanese as you do, go to google translate in like every sentence @_@. Cant wait to read from you again! (P.S. that second picture is horrifying)