maandag 6 oktober 2014

Rainstorm & "Walk with Me"

Hello, my beloved brethren and sisters!! Art thou げんき??

It came to pass that I, elder Santos, have witnessed the passing of a
wondrous week, which doth fill mine soul with exceeding よろこび.


So yeah! It's been a good week, if you can't tell. Let's dip our toes
into the pool that is the pool of this week's happenings, SHALL WE?!

FIRST OFF! It was a beautiful Thursday. It was the day we were going
to visit one of our investigators with a baptismal date. She's been
wanting to be baptized for a loooong while, but she's always had
personal struggles and problems which made it so that she couldn't be
baptized. One of them is a so-called "はんたい husband": her husband is
completely opposed to her being baptized. We spoke to her about the
matter and decided to give her time to find out what the next step
should be. That Thursday we went to see how she's doing and to find
out what she wanted to do next. She told us that she wants to wait.
She doesn't want to step on her husband's toes. The baptismal date has
been erased and she's now in a state of baptismal limbo. Or something
like that.

So we decided to return to our apartment and call it a day, WHEN SUDDENLY--

"A wild RAINSTORM appeared!"

It was POURING. It was a 45 minute ride to our apartment. I was so
wet; the seas should've been ashamed of themselves. But hey! At least
my tire didn't pop! Hahahaha!

My tire popped.

Luckily, there was a bike shop just a few streets away. Still pouring.
We got some nice face-towels (Japan only) and got to chat a little bit
with one of the workers there. A patched tire and lighter wallet
later, the friendly man who fixed the tire offered us free カッパ. Or
rather, plastic bags with holes in them (made by yours truly). Made a
picture, had a laugh, got back home. What a day!

SECONDLY! We had another one of those lovely Zone Training Meetings. A
new mission theme has been revealed:

"True disciples -- one and all"  ===>  "Walk with Me"

I think the new one is better. The first one seems a bit focused on
the missionaries themselves and what they have to become, whereas the
second one focuses more on Jesus Christ and what we do as
missionaries. Our goal is to help others come unto Christ. As we
follow His example, we teach those around us how to do walk with Him.
I like it!

The meeting itself had a huge emphasis on Christ and His Atonement as
well. I personally think it was one of the best Zone Training Meetings
I've had so far. The zoneleaders talked about the importance of
strengthening the members in our church and taught us about being
loving and bold when extending commitments to those you find and
teach. I have personally learned a lot and my testimony if Jesus
Christ was strengthened and fortified.

At the end we also took a picture with our zone!

A lot has happened this week. A lot of progress has been made once
again, both personally and our きゅうどうしゃ made progress too! It's always
beautiful to see people so prepared to follow Christ and willing to
follow Him. It truly brings tears to my eyes. It's been a very
successful week!

I hope you've all had a wonderful week as well and I'll be seeing all
of you next week!
Well... actually I won't... 'cause... you know... I'm in Japan 'n' stuff...


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