maandag 27 oktober 2014

Which way do you face?

Hello, ladies and gents.

This week has been really exhausting. You know how many people find out more and learn about the existence of God on their mission, right? I'm also learning a lot about Satan. This week I have felt Satan making me struggle more than ever before.

Like God, Satan is real. And Satan also has a purpose: to make us miserable, like he is. He is constantly trying to find ways to eliminate us, the missionaries, and to keep us from bringing ourselves and others unto Christ. His primary weapon? Our weaknesses. He uses those weaknesses and tries to paralyze us with lies and unwholesome whispering. He discourages, brings down, and makes us forget the miracles and tender mercies we've witnessed from God.

I know that God exists. I have known that for a pretty long while. I know He is our Father in Heaven and that he watches over each and every one of us. This is the very foundation of faith and hope. But what if you forget? What if you forget that He has always been merciful to you? What if you forget that He knows you -- better than you know yourself? What if you forget? Satan wants you to forget. And when you DO forget, he wins. When you DO give in to his lies, he wins.

This week Satan had convinced me that I am a weakling. He told me many times, over and over again, how it's impossible for a weakling like me to be a missionary. And you know what? I gave in to those lies. And it weakened me even more. I was having a hard time keeping a smile on my face, knowing that "I'm a miserable failure of a missionary". But then I remembered. "Which way do you face?" A phrase that stuck with me after the General Conference (see last week's post). Are we supposed to listen to Satan? Or are we supposed to listen to God? At the end of the week, I finally ignored Satan's whispers and finally tuned in to God. As I focused on everything He has given me and what joy I've felt by relying on our Lord, I was lifted up, strengthened and fortified.

God brings joy and rest. Satan brings sorrow and unrest. Which one do you chose?

Thanks for reading my rant. Sorry for the lack of pictures. I hope you've had a wonderful week.
Please take care,

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