maandag 9 maart 2015

Being a Senior Companion & Moving


This week has almost been as hectic as last week. Moving to the sister's apartment is mostly done now. There's still too much stuff lying around all over the place, making it a chore to go from A to B. But today is preparation day, so we're cleaning up!
We've been meeting up a lot with many people over the past week. It's hard to get around in Ootsu: it's a pretty big area and using your bike won't cut it, so we take the train a lot, making us rack up expenses like crazy! I'll have to do some different budgeting from now on, lest I want to run out halfway through the transfer. The people here are lovely, though, and I'm really happy to see that our investigators seem to have a really good relationship with the missionaries. We've been teaching in Spanish, English, Portuguese and Japanese, by the way. Talk about multicultural, haha!

This week has killed me -- I'm super exhausted. I feel like I have lost any kind of personal time after becoming a senior companion. As soon as we get home we plan for the next day and then when I would normally have time to some personal stuff, I find myself sending mails and calls to our investigators and members. And then time's up, lights go out and there I am lying in my futon, feeling unsatisfied with myself. Still figuring out this senior companion thing, I guess. Kind of underestimated it, heheheh.

Sorry for the short mail; we have an appointment with one of our investigators in a few. Gotta go. Thank you so much for reading!

Boatloads of love,
~聖徒長老, Elder Santos

(P.S.: Have some pictures!!)

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