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Elder Nelson, iPads & American Pizza

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Hey, hello! How have you all been?

It's been an incredibly eventful week! It started immediately after my mail last week Monday. That night we got a sudden call from our zone leaders in Shimogamo. They wanted to do a koukan... the next morning! Holy whoa!! So we did. The zone leaders are extremely hard workers. They have developed really strong and deep relationships with each and every single one of their investigators... when we taught it really felt like I was talking to my brothers (and sister). They are really open and trust the missionaries a lot. Not only that, but the zone leaders also seemed to have a good connection with the members in Shimogamo. They had the members accompany almost all of their lessons with their investigators. It was an incredible example to me. I'm striving for the same kind of relationship between us and our investigators and the members in our ward. So, me and my companion have been focusing a lot on creating that connection with the Ootsu members; we've been visiting members and sharing a short, uplifting message with a commitment at the end, offering them our help and service afterwards. We will be helping a member cleaning up her home and helping out a seminary teacher from here on out. I'm really looking forward to it!

Plus! This week we've had the amazing opportunity to hear from elder Russel M. Nelson of the Twelve, prophet and revelator, who came all the way to Kobe! The entire Japan Kobe mission gathered together in the Kobe meetinghouse and it was awesome!! I saw all of my friends and previous companions again: I felt like Ammon (Alma 27:17). No, I did not faint. Anyway, the speeches that were given to us by elder Nelson (and also president Ringwood) were AMAZING!! They were mainly about overcoming our sins and weaknesses. It's truly amazing that the Atonement of Jesus Christ gives us power to overcome these things. Even when we think we're at our limit and about to give up, we can always rely on the Lord's Sacrifice for us. He truly loves us, to the point that He would take our sins upon him and lay down His life for us. It was truly an inspirational talk. We also received training on the soon to be released iPads for the missionaries!! We will be out doing missionary work on Facebook before you know it!! I. Can't. Wait...!!!

This week has been a tremendously good one. Looking back, I'm really content with our efforts and am excited for what the next week will bring! 

Thank you so much for reading my letter once again, everybody! I hope you have an awesome week. May the Lord keep blessing you all with health and happiness. See you next Monday!

L"Ootsu" of love,
(Dang, I need to come up with something else)
~聖徒長老, Elder Santos

(P.S.: I ate some delicious American-style pizza during the koukan with the zoneleaders. Take that!)

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