zondag 1 maart 2015

Earth Hiccup & ZTM

Hey, dear peoples!
This week has been great! First, we've had another Zone Training Meeting. It was amazing. Every single question I had about my own conversion and missionary work has been answered. And looking back, so have my previous questions and concerns in previous ZTMs. Evidence that God truly knows us each individually and actually reaches out to us through our appointed leaders. I'm really grateful for my leaders and for the revelation they receive for us. Oh! We also had an earthquake during the ZTM. As the earthquake alarms went off on all of our phones, we were met with a sense of utter doom, leading us to dive under the desks and tables and prepare for death. But then planet earth decided to hiccup only once and it was done. We are all okay!
Also, we were able to teach the couple we met through Eikaiwa again last week. They are really eager to learn more about the Mormon church, as they both have a Christian background (one of them even recited the Lord's prayer in Japanese) and really want to know what sets us apart from other Christian sects. They really liked the things we talked about and are willing to step out of the comfort zone and experiment... is this Book of Mormon thing true? Or is it just a lie? Does God really talk to us? If they are as eager as when we meet, they will find an answer. I hope they find one soon!
Other than these events, we've had a very nice Templework Fireside at church about Family History, did some service by picking up trash around the train station, had a koukan within our apartment (with one of the other four missionaries) and did a lot of knocking on doors and talking to people as usual.
Thank you so much for reading my email, dear friends! I'm sorry it's super short -- but here is a picture of a blue chair. Enjoy. Have a great week!

Buckets of love,

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