maandag 13 april 2015

One more Round

Hello, 愛する皆さん!

I would like to use an example to describe my past week.

You see, every week is like a round in a boxing match. Once the bell sounds and the round starts, you're off to fight with every inch of strength your body possesses. After a certain amount of time, however, your body just can't keep up with the heavy exchange of punches and you need to take a break and catch your breath. Fortunately, after a few minutes of persevering in the ring, the bell sounds and you go to the corner of the ring, get a break, drink some water and receive some pep and advice from your coach to get your courage up.

For me, the past week was like a round in the ring. As I was exchanging punches with my everyday responsibilities and duties as any other missionary, a new transfer began, my trustworthy companion left and a fresh companion came in. From that point on I felt like my enemy was starting to overpower me -- I couldn't keep up with his punches and I was getting exhausted really quickly. I was left responsible for an area I have only been in for one transfer, not even knowing how to get from A to B, not even knowing where all of our investigators live properly. My stress piled up rapidly and just as I was about to say amen to my conscience and kiss the boxing-ring mat, the glorious chime of a bell filled the air and I was allowed to back off and slump into the corner of the ring for some needed rest. It was the General Conference. I had prayerfully prepared for the anticipated day, arming myself with specific question I had been seeking answers for. Just like in a boxing match, the break is short, but oh so sweet. To me, it felt like my coach knew exactly what I needed to hear; it felt like every talk in the Conference was directed to me and my concerns and questions. The words of the prophets gave me new-found hope and courage and reinvigorated me for the next round. I also got a few hints on how to take on my enemy; new insight and ideas to help my investigators come closer to Christ. 

I don't know why I had never appreciated these wonderful opportunities to receive counsel from living prophets, seers and revelators before. I'm truly grateful for our loving Heavenly Father, who calls worthy men to be His messengers and lead and guide His children. I'm also really grateful for the Holy Scriptures which contain the true word of God shared by prophets of old, still very applicable to this day and age, guiding us and comforting us through trials and hardships in our daily life. I really love the Book of Mormon and I really know it is the word of God.

I'm looking forward to applying everything I learned to my area and my investigators. I just want to bring them happiness and to experience the joy I've felt from this Gospel. I'm still learning and growing and I don't know everything. I still have questions and even doubts. But I know that this is true. I am glad that I decided to serve the Lord.

Aside from the General Conference, it's been really rainy in Ootsu lately, I have ruined my shoes and I have been working like a madman. Elder Kiki, my new companion, is a really cool guy from Washington and sings with the voice of angels. Pictures next week :P

Thank you so much for reading my super dramatic story, my friends. I hope you've all had an amazing week!! I will see you all next Monday, if ninjas don't kill me by then. Buh-bye!!

I really love all of you,
~聖徒長老, Elder Santos

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