zondag 26 april 2015

Oumihachiman Exchange & Tiny Bikes

Hello there, all of you!

This week has been ridiculously eventful!!

First, we had companion exchanges with the Oumihachiman elders. Because they have a lot of Brazilian investigators (almost all of their investigators are Brazilian), they arranged a lot of appointments for the exchange so that I could actually talk to these people and teach them. So, we are off to the first appointment... and it falls through. And so does the next one. And the next. Until all appointments fell through. Well, uh... that was awkward. But I'm really happy I got the opportunity to work with the other missionaries. It's always a good idea to get a different perspective on missionary work! (Plus, we got to ride these super tiny, amazing folding bikes! NO ONE WOULD PASS UP ON SUCH AN OPPORTUNITY!!)

The rest of that week consisted of high-speed, racing against the clock teaching record updating (or rather, moving them onto our iPads for that new app I was talking about). We also had a few appointments (made previously), but we had to keep meeting up with people to a minimum to crunch in some more record updating. We had a deadline to move the entire records (from when they first met the missionaries till today) of the people we're meeting with currently to the app before yesterday. All I want to say is that some of our investigators have been around for a pretty loooooooooong time. Yep. But I'm really looking forward to working with the app! It's got some really nifty features and makes keeping track of everything SO much easier!

This week has been real, it has been fun... and it has been real fun! Thank you so much for reading, everybody! I hope you have a marvelous week with marvelous weather like today over here in Ootsu! Ah... spring is here!

Includes but is not limited to lots of love,
~聖徒長老, Elder Santos

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