dinsdag 20 januari 2015

Climbing Mountains

Hey, hello! 
How has 2015 been so far? It's been pretty good for me!!
I had a really fun shogatsu (new years). We have done a lot of mountain climbing this week with some members. Also, because it was shogatsu every member wanted to have us over for lunch and dinner. We have been able to bond with the members and lift up each other spiritually. We had a very good time. The only thing that weighs on my mind is that we haven't had time to actually go out and find and teach. Nevertheless, we found a couple of potential investigators (and even a return appointment!) in the short amount of time we actually did have to dendo.
I have improved spiritually and mentally over the past week. I have always had a problem with setting goals: I never really had a set guideline for my own progress and improvement (no language goals, spiritual goals, etc). For me the issue's always been that I keep making goals in my head, stacking them up really quickly until it becomes impossible to handle, losing courage and then finally becoming spiritually, emotionally and physically overloaded. This week I have finally decided to stop messing around and get three solid goals down (I even wrote them down in big letters and put it in a spot that's very easy for me to see).
It's been going really good so far! I feel GREAT! It's just like what it says in Preach My Gospel. As you make goals and start completing them bit by bit, you will become more confident. I don't feel as worried anymore because I now have a goal I'm working towards. I don't have to worry about a million things at the same time anymore, because I have set three solid goals that I am going to focus on for now. It works miracles! Hurray for PMG!!
Thank you so much for reading! I hope you've all been doing great and I hope you have an awesome week! See you next monday!!
~Santos chourou

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