dinsdag 27 januari 2015

Food for thought

Hello there, everybody!
This week has been a blur. A lot of things happened in a very small amount of time. My dear companion had become a victim of the flu too. That forced me to go on splits with one of the other four elders in our apartment. One day, we were planning on visiting a lady we found a little while ago. She's a mother, who had been living by herself. She and her husband had divorced not too long ago and she became separated from her beloved little daughter. She suffered because of that and her hopelessness was clearly visible. We had knocked on her door before to see if we could maybe share our message about God,  only to find out about all of this and, on top of that, that she was moving out to Tokyo just later that week. So, when me and the other elder visited her, we talked with her about her concerns and we tried to support her a lot. We also talked to her about God and how He truly knows and loves each and everyone of us and how He wants us to become truly happy. We talked about eternal families and how she and her daughter can be together forever in eternal happiness, all thanks to our Lord, Jesus Christ. As we talked with her about these things, she told us that she felt comforted and happy. She said that for some reason, talking to us about God gave her this indescribable feeling in her heart; a good feeling, a feeling of peace. We talked to her about these feelings and how we can get this peace to be in our lives more abundantly through faith in our Heavenly Father. She felt that these things were great and it seemed like she wanted to learn more. We gave her the address to our webpage and told her that she could find missionaries just like us, who teach about these things as well and who will support her. She was really thankful she met us. As we walked away from that apartment, we had a sense of joy and fulfilment in our hearts. Whe knew that we did everything we could for her and that we were able to touch her heart with the wonderful message we're sharing. I really hope she found the missionaries in Tokyo.
That was but one of the many things that happened this week. We attended a Japanese funeral of a very good friend of ours, ate a lot of icecream at a less-active's icecream parlor (look at the pics) and had a pizza party with the Young Men. A lot of things. I am physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted.
I hope you've been doing well, everyone. Thank you so much for reading this -- I really appreciate it! Have yet another wonderful week!!
Tons o' love,

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