zondag 5 juli 2015

Ice Shaving

Hey-ho! How are all of you??

This week has been exhausting as heck! We journeyed north and south, west and east (but mostly east) on our little bikes in order to meet up with as many people as possible. We've been able to meet with more investigators than previous weeks and we found some new investigators as well! Hooray!! 

Also, not only did we get the opportunity to have interviews with the Mission President to get some useful hints about the work in our area, but we also had a wonderful District Meeting the day after about effective study and finding. Having a vision and setting goals was stressed a lot throughout the meeting and we got some really good insight on how to be concise teachers, so that we can teach while we find and find while we teach! It was a really good District Meeting! Props to elder Roylance (and the Spirit, of course) for that!

We also had a ward activity, just like the "Pizza Party" last time... It was a "欠き氷(Kakigoori) Party". They brought over an old ice shaving machine (with a crankable crank and all), oversized ice cubes, a whole variety of syrups and goodies to top your ice with... it was amazing! A lot of people (including non-members) came, too! Members got along with non-members, everyone was having a good time and it was great!

'T was a good week! Thank you so much for reading this short update. I hope you have a fantastic week, filled with our Lord's blessings and tender mercies.

Hardly measurable amounts of love,

(P.S.: I attached a video showcasing the Ice-Shaver 3000; a contraption designed for cool shaving)
(P.P.S: It does not, however, produce "shaved ice cream", as claimed in the video. False advertising, I know.)

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