zondag 26 juli 2015

Short Term Trio

Hello there, mister reader!

No dull moment, last week. 

We visited many multitudes of people. Many. One of which was a member's daughter, who recently started receiving lessons from us in order to be baptized. We also had a marvelous Zone Training Meeting. I really felt motivated to improve and seek to be guided by the Spirit more. I have been neglecting personal scripture study and my prayers have been poor, lately. I need to work harder to have the Spirit with me. Another thing that I really liked is how we went deeper into the meaning of the Sacrament. It is the only way we can tap into the awesome power of Christ's eternal Atonement. If we partake worthily, we are also promised to have the Spirit. We should think about everything Christ did for us, not only on this earth, but also before it. We need to look at the bigger picture. This ZTM was just what I needed!

We had yet another Pizza Party last week and a lot of people came once again. The pizza was even better this time, hehehe. It was really wonderful seeing different people, members and non-members, getting along and having a great time together. Even our deaf investigator was having an awesome time just communicating with everybody through pen and paper. It was absolutely awesome!

And then, after a long Sunday, all four of us get home, exhausted from going up and down hills, and we get a surprise phone call from the Assistants, informing us that one of the four of us would leave and we would become 三人 (trio). For some reason I got excited to the point I couldn't sleep last night. This will be the very first time I'll actually be in a trio, something spoken of in many legends and myths. We also found out that I will be moving out next transfer and that my companion would have to take over. I feel kind of weird now that I know for sure I'll be going away in 4 weeks... I need to make sure Griffitts長老 knows as much as possible by the end of this transfer.

Thank you so much for reading, everyone!Have a marvelous week! 

Lots of love,
~聖徒長老, Elder Santos

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