zondag 26 juli 2015

Typhoon & Summer Festival

Hey everybody!

Last week was pretty INTENSE. We were busy all the time! By becoming a
trio, all of our previous companionship's appointments (before
becoming a trio) and the other companionship's merged into one. Thus,
chaos was born. Not to mention the (not so) raging typhoon that
visited the beautiful city of Ootsu. Wet clothes for days.

Last week I once again experienced how awesome the Gospel is. It is
applicable to everything! I'd been studying about goal setting and
accountability, hoping to improve my ability to plan and to become
more accountable myself. But as I prayerfully studied and pondered
what I studied, I soon found myself studying about the Doctrine of
Christ. The five steps in the Doctrine of Christ taught often by the
missionaries connected perfectly to the way we should set goals and
achieve them. Faith in the Son of God... personal desire and hope to
achieve one's dreams, repentance being improvement and the refining of
one's stepping stones. Making a personal commitment, a promise with
yourself, to achieve your vision and covenanting with our Heavenly
Father go hand in hand. Asking for inspiration and guidance from our
Heavenly Father, given to us through the Holy Spirit and always
repeating this process until you're there. Did you recognize the
Doctrine of Christ in all of this? Heavenly Father is a God with a
vision. Through His Son He has laid down the foundation that, when
built upon, would bring eternal happiness and success to every one of
his children. Aren't I lucky! Aren't we all? The road of eternal
progression is open to everyone! All thanks to our Heavenly Father's
genius and our Lord, Jesus Christ's eternal sacrifice for us. I know
that the Gospel is true. I know it is applicable to all of us and that
it can make us better and transform us. I believe in Christ and His
enabling power. I also know that there is a Heavenly God, a loving
Father to all of us.

In other news, we just celebrated the 夏祭り (Summer Festival) here at
church. Kimonos involved!

Thank you so much for reading, everybody! Have an awesome... uh... summer.

~聖徒長老, Elder Santos

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