maandag 17 augustus 2015

Goodbye Ootsu :(

Hey, you!

The final week of last transfer is gone and I have finally reached double digits in transfers. I'm ye olde missionary now. Huzzah! Also, we finally found out where the heck elder Santos will be going for the next 6 weeks.

I'm gonna go to Abeno in Osaka! Wha-hey!

It has been a fantastic four transfers in Ootsu. I really love this place. When I found out I would surely transfer, I was really sad. I would have stayed another transfer here! I envy you, elder Griffitts! But I'm also really excited for Abeno: it will be my first area that is really city...-ish...?

As for last week... it's been a pretty good -- with a huge firework festival near the big Biwa lake, sport activities and a couple companion exchanges. A lot has happened and I'm destroyed. And I'm only going to get even more destroyed from here on out. Why? Find out next week!

I love you all,
~聖徒長老、Elder Santos

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