maandag 3 augustus 2015


Hello, everybody!

Not much time, but we had an awesome week of hotness with 100 Fahrenheit days (38 Celsius). It was intense! 

We went to a summer festival with our Brazilian recent convert, which was really cool! 

Then we had a pretty good District Meeting as well. The day before, we had an exchange (where I went to Oumihachiman to work with our District Leader), where I was asked to prepare to share a little bit during District Meeting; a Christlike attribute. I studied about the attribute "Knowledge" and it was really cool, because I learned that one of the ways we grow in knowledge is by sharing it! It reminded me of something Brigham Young once said about how one gains a testimony by standing and bearing it more than by kneeling down in prayer for one. Same goes with knowledge; we build it up by study and we solidify it through experience and by sharing it! You have to put it out there!As I shared what I learned from my study, I felt like my knowledge was being expanded, also thanks to the many insights the other elders in our district gave! It was a really good learning experience.

We also had a re-dedicatory prayer. Our mission president wants us to start over again and renew our commitment and desire to serve the Lord with all our heart, might, mind and strength, so we prayed as a mission to become the best version of ourselves and to go full steam ahead!

Whoop, no time, got to go!

~聖徒長老, Elder Santos LOVES you!

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