zondag 20 december 2015

Missionary Business -19 October mail

Hello everybody. Sorry for being late this time around. We had a lot
of important missionary business to take care of today. A-hem.

We've had the wonderful opportunity to be taught by our mission
president again, last week. It was quite glorious. I always feel like
I'm taught more than what actually comes out of his mouth. I love
learning through the Spirit; reading the Book of Mormon has also been
one of those things where I learn so much from just a single verse.
Sometimes what really helps me understand training and doctrine more
is if I step back and try and look at it from a different perspective.
I learned a lot just from looking at how the president and the
assistants were teaching all of us, for instance. GAH I LOVE LEARNING!

We also worked our rear ends off and took pictures of a nice little
place called "Korea Town" on our way home. There were a lot of Korean
people there. Speaking Korean. And selling super-delicious kimchi. Oh,
it's so gooooood...!

Aaaand we got a huge salmon. They way to an elder's heart is through
his stomach, right?


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