maandag 21 december 2015

Winter Time - 30 November

Hey everybody!

It's been a tiring week; I'm looking forward to hugging my futon at
the end of today. It's gotten waaaay cold all of a sudden, too! At
first it's kind of nice outside and then, before you know it, you find
yourself wishing you had a decent pair of gloves and a neckwarmer on
you. I love the winter, but it could have rung the door bell instead
of straight up kicking the front door down and rushing inside, if you
ask me. Seasons lack proper etiquette here in Japan.

We are getting some progress over here and momentum's building up
really quickly. A lot of stepping out of the comfort zone was done,
but it was so worth it. It's so easy to just stay inside the warm and
cozy bubble, rather than to step outside, into the harsh and
unforgiving cold. The Lord appreciates those who go out of their way
to accomplish what He expects of them. It is "expedient that [we]
should be diligent, that thereby we might win the prize" (Mosiah
4:27). As we throw aside our fears and do what we can to follow His
will, He will bless us with many tender mercies and make us capable to
overcome, accomplish and win. I love the Gospel.

Also! This has nothing to do with anything, but I went hipster and
took pictures of some food I whipped up. 

I took them before the noodles were cool.

Hey! I hope you all have a lovely wintery week! See you next week!


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